We have closed the book and have taken early retirement from Taxi work and would like to thank all our customers for their support over the last 20+ years.


For local Tonbridge to Tonbridge journeys, try 

Steve's Taxi on 07974 825171 

Our Main Vehicle

- the airport taxi -

How much travel time should I allow to get to the airport?

When using the Tonbridge Station Rank, please help the drivers by waiting at the shelter until signalled by the next driver that it is safe to board.  Thank You.

Have you been overcharged?

A minority of unscrupulous drivers have been overcharing from the Tonbridge rank, if you feel you have been overcharged, please make a note of

  • the time & place
  • driver's badge number, if possible,
  • the Taxi Number displayed in the front windscreen or attached to the rear of the vehicle

then report the incident to TMBC licensing section on 01732 876368.

It is an offence for a Taxi to ply for hire without these badges and "plates" being properly displayed and readable.

When hiring a taxi in the Borough always make sure

  • the "For Hire" roof light is on when you enter the vehicle, this should mean that the meter has not already registered a fare,
  • the Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council Taxi Insignia is displayed on the passenger door.
  • the meter is switched on or reset at the start of the journey and says "for hire" before being activated by the driver,
  • the starting fare does not exceed the minimum fare applicable (see table).

There are circumstances such as a private hirings where the meter may already be on and charging waiting time or a distance add on for an out of town pickup, but never from a "Flag Down" or "Taxi Rank".  ~ Tonbridge to airport taxis, out of town and, village to village, village to town taxi services. a group of like minded, Tonbridge based, Independent Provincial Hackey Carriage Drivers focussed on providing a first rate Tonbridge to Airport transfers, long distance out of town, village to town and, village to village taxi service.

Terms and Conditions of use:

The domain name and associated website are wholly owned by R Kelsall Computing Ltd t/a Kent Surf Systems and services provided gratis. Any hirings, bookings or transactions are private contracts between the hirer and the indiviual Taxi Proprietor. Whilst endeavouring to provide a first rate service R Kelsall Computing Limitied cannot be held responsible or accountable for any part of that contract.

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